science provides proven solutions for today’s challenges

Today’s teams are increasingly 4-D: diverse, distributed, digital and dynamic.

These 4-D teams provide new challenges – and demand innovative solutions to achieve consistent high-performance.

Fortunately, decades of research has analysed these challenges – and identified the most effective ways to turn 4-D teams into high-performance teams.

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“How to make Hybrid Teams work:
A Scientific Review with evidence-based solutions”

This 140-page report:

  • Summarises the learning from 30-years of research on Hybrid Teams
  • Identifies the key challenges that companies must overcome
  • Provides clear, evidence-based recommendations for action

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how we employ
team science to make
today’s teams great

Team science has clearly established the most critical conditions, principles and practices of
high-performance teams.

We help today’s teams to understand and apply this learning through a range of solutions that include:

Team Diagnoses that identify team issues and opportunities – and provide practical, proven tools and techniques for performance improvement

Peak Performance Programmes that combine team workshops, training and coaching to
transform team potential and reach peak performance

Team Alignment Solutions that help teams overcome disagreement or distance to create alignment,
clarify focus, agree action and transform results

Team Transformation Workshops that help teams understand how they can transform their
performance – and what they can do to make it happen fast

Team Ignition Sessions that spark new team thinking, generate new ideas and ignite new energy
and enthusiasm