why your team leaders
are so critical

Team engagement drives business performance. And the single biggest influence on team engagement is the team’s leader.

In fact, employees who trust their team leaders are 12 times more likely to be fully engaged at work (ADP).

Unfortunately, according to Gallup:
  • 82% of team managers today don’t even have the basic abilities they need to manage teams effectively
  • Just 10% of the workforce have the natural skills and abilities to lead high performance teams

While team leaders are critical for the performance of every organisation – most team leaders don’t have what it takes to lead great teams.

how we use team
science to make
great team leaders

Team science consistently confirms the most critical principles and practices of great team leaders.

We help team leaders and potential leaders to learn and apply those principles and practices through a bespoke combination of workshops, training, coaching, mentoring and consulting services that are built upon:

‘The Laws of Performance’
that are proven by science to transform team quality, productivity, efficiency and consistency
‘The Four Team Transformers’
the most critical conditions that ignite peak performance in the highest-
performance teams
‘The Rules of Resilience’
that help teams
protect and improve performance through failures, challenges, conflict and change