transform teams across industries, services and sport

The science of teams has proven that – while every team is unique – the most critical factors that drive team achievement are consistent.

Our experience supports this.

We’ve applied the science of teams and teamwork to create high-performance teams:

  • Across companies, governments, public services, NGOs, creative industries and competitive sport
  • From teams of 5 to teams of thousands
  • In over 50 countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific

Every single team – in every industry, in every country – can apply team science to transform their performance.

how we exploit
team science to create
competitive advantage

Our suite of services is built upon team science to create high-performance teams across industries, services, sports – and more.

We offer every team a unique range of workshops, training, coaching, mentoring and consulting solutions that help them understand, apply and sustain:

‘The Four Team Transformers’
the most critical conditions that ignite peak performance in the highest-performance teams
‘The Rules of Resilience’
that help teams protect and improve performance through failures, challenges, conflict and change
‘The Edge’
the unique force, the winning formula, that’s been proven to drive the greatest teams to achieve consistent competitive success