science-based learning that transforms team performance

Everything we do is based on science, empirical evidence and proven research. As a result, our learning programmes are all:

  • Tailor-Made: Developed to provide the precise skills that team leaders, team managers and team members most need to succeed today
  • Data-Driven: Built upon robust data, empirical evidence and the proven science behind the most effective teams, teamwork and team performance
  • High-Impact: Designed to maximise learning transfer and real, sustained behaviour change

Our learning solutions include:

  1. ‘Make Great Teams Masterclasses’ for all your corporate leaders, HR directors, team managers and team members.
  2. ‘Leadership Development Programmes’ for your highest-performing and highest-potential leaders.
  3. ‘Super-Manager Learning Programmes’ for all your new, potential and developing team managers.

Please download an overview of these programmes and modules below:


Short, affordable and high-impact briefings for corporate executives, HR directors, team leaders and potential leaders throughout the enterprise.

Leadership Development

Learning Programmes that create great Leaders and potential Leaders of Teams, Units, Departments, Divisions and Organisations.

Learning Programmes for Managers

A Suite of Learning Programmes that create high-performance Team Managers.