turn your management group into a high-performance team

Every CEO’s success depends on the effectiveness of their Leadership Team. Yet research consistently shows that many Leadership Teams are underperforming today.

Our CEO Advisory Practice – Transformation Worldwide – helps CEOs transform the performance of their Leadership Teams with a suite of science-based solutions.

All of our solutions are built upon our proprietary research – the most comprehensive analysis of Leadership Teams in the world today – which has:

  • Analysed 2000+ Leadership Teams worldwide
  • Compared the highest-performing Leadership Teams versus the rest
  • Identified how today’s highest-performing Leadership Teams are being designed, staffed,
    managed – and more:

The World’s #1 Analysis of Leadership Teams.

  • Study of 2,000+ Leadership Teams
  • 360° Analysis of 150+ Leadership Teams
  • In-depth interviews among:
    – 50 CEOs
    – 250 C-Suite members

how we apply team
science to make
great leadership teams

All our solutions for Leadership Teams are built upon science to help CEOs assess, design, create, manage and inspire their Leadership Teams to transform the performance and potential of the enterprise.

This unique suite of solutions is developed by our CEO Advisory Practice – The Reputation Partnership – and built upon:

The world’s leading study of Leadership Teams today.
Our proprietary research is the most comprehensive study of Leadership Teams in the world, analysing more than 2,000 Leadership Teams across four continents.
Deep experience advising Leadership Teams worldwide.
The Reputation Partnership has decades of experience building, leading, advising and coaching more than 1,000 Leadership Teams throughout Asia, America and Europe.
Proven solutions that get results.
Our Leadership Team solutions are all:

  • Designed and led by former CEOs and senior executives.
  • Science-based, built upon empirical research and proven in the field.

Please download an introduction to our solutions for Leadership Teams here:

Our Suite of Solutions for Leadership Teams.

  • CEO Advisory Services
  • Team Research and Assessments
  • Leadership Team Workshops
  • Team Transformation Programmes
  • Leadership Team Coaching